Breeze Resort, a Unique Investment Opportunity in Algarve Real Estate

The term "real estate investment in the Algarve" takes on a new meaning with the Breeze Resort. Portimão, a pillar of tourism in the Algarve, offers a booming real estate market. This is the perfect setting to invest in houses designed to maximize investment returns, taking advantage of the region's growing tourist demand.

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5% ​Profitability

The Breeze Resort represents a real estate investment opportunity with an attractive return through tourist exploitation. Providing a safe and passive income, these houses are an excellent choice for those looking for a real estate investment in Algarve's tourism.

The professional management of the tourist exploitation ensures a worry-free investment for investors. This efficient management is a key point for those looking to invest in Portimão, guaranteeing a high-quality experience for both owners and visitors.

Investment from 645 000€.

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Discover the investment possibilities at Breeze Resort, a gem in the heart of the Algarve, in Portimão. By providing your details, you will have exclusive access to detailed information about our superior quality houses, financial return opportunities, and insights into the unique lifestyle that Portimão offers. Join us to explore how your investment can flourish in this elite destination.

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Stay up to 2 weeks

You can enjoy your villa with all hotel benefits for up to 2 weeks per year including 1 week during the high season.

Earn up to €60 000

The revenue can vary depending on average room occupation. Thus, the return on equity can reach 6% bringing up to €60 000.

Get 40% of rental revenue

Our Rental Program is managed by the hotel's management team and implies 40/60 resort revenue split between you and the hotel.

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Why Portugal

Choosing the Breeze Resort for your real estate investment in the Algarve is a smart decision. This unique investment opportunity combines a robust financial return with the natural and cultural charm of Portimão, positioning itself as an exceptional choice for discerning investors.

Elite Tourist Destination: Portimão is an elite tourist destination in the Algarve, ideal for those looking for investment units in the Algarve.

Investment Appreciation: Real estate investment in the Algarve is synonymous with appreciation and sustainable income.

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